DO not buy from Dawn and Ron Wolfbauer of Natures Prime Organic Foods. They are *** artists and scammers and have no intention of providing you with the product you ordered.

They take your hard earned money and live a very lavish lifestyle with very expensive cars, toys, trips. All on other peoples money. Ron has been in federal prison for taking millions of peoples money in the gold industry which is unregulated. Now he is committing fraud again.

When they get in trouble like they are now they find a shell company to take over so they can relive the debts and law suits that are pending.

Please file complaints to the BBB to stop them. We need to stand up to criminals like them.

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Any way to stop their purchase of Bell St. on Madeline Island? We don't need any more crooks screwing the locals.

Cable, Wisconsin, United States #647274

I live on Madeline Island, town of LaPointe where bluegreen is opening a new business. They call it their flag ship!

What can anyone tell me about that? Thanks


I worked here too, on contract and Ron was a shady character the whole time. He wanted a whole lot for very little, and was really skeezy when payday came. I wouldn't recommend doing business with these people to anyone and am so glad I left when I did.

Mandi Lou

:( Just warning everyone. I worked here and they treat their employees horrible.

On one occasion we all quit on the same day!! The owners Ron and his wife Dawn are very cocky and shady people. Our paychecks constantly bounced and I am so happy to be out of the place and never have to deal with them again. I am now just out spreading the word warning.

Their customers mean nothing to them and are only out to make money and fast.

They say they are a "christian based business" but trust me they are FAR from it. DO BUSINESS WITH THEM AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!

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