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I echo all the other complaints.6 months - no delivery, no communication, no refund.

I am SHOCKED they are still in business. I placed the order over the phone and spent $75 more than my groupon. I followed up 12 weeks later with a call. I actually reached someone who stated that my order was partially filled.

They said they would send it. After the, I left multiple voicemails, and sent multiple emails. It has been 6 months (or so) since I placed my order.

I have requested cancellation of my order but nothing.Groupon, on the other hand didn't even ask what happened, they simply refunded the groupon price.

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I'm sorry, Bobby.Did you just say it's my fault for expecting a company that I bought a product from to deliver the product?

It's irrelevant if the product is better, worse or comparable to the meats in a supermarket.There is nothing about an expectation to receive what we paid for that is the fault of any of these customers.


It is primary your fault as a consumer to do business with these companies such as

Organically Nature's Prime or American Frozen Foods or Miranda's Country Fresh Foods.The fault is your are getting top quality food and ALL NATURAL or ORGANIC when in reality it is the same meats and foods you get in a supermarket.

How do I know...I worked for these companies.

Buy your meats and foods in a supearmarket.You will Save money and avoid many headaches.


How on earth did you guys actually get someone on the phone!

I placed my order in Feb.finally called living social and got a credit, but still had a $33 balance I had put on my cc.

FINALLY got a person on the phone, who said it would show up this billing cycle, you guessed it .... nadda.

Just tried to call."No no one will be checking this VM, send an email"


Basically same issue here: ordered Jan 4, 2012.Waited about 4 months for response from them (phone/email)...

finally told me order would ship in "next 2 weeks". Still nothing...

refund requested from LivingSocial and Nature's Prime.Has anyone reported to BBB?


I placed an order Feb 24, 2012 and have been told 8 times via email that my order was shipping.It is now May 29 and no order - although they say it's shipping out on June 4.

I have asked for a refund and can't believe they are still in business and that Groupon continues to do business with them.

I have to believe this is actually illegal.They willingly take money without ever having any intention of fulfilling the order - it's fraud and a scam.


I am currently going through the same situation!

I sent numerous emails with no response and finally was able to speak to a representative, who then assured me that my order was being shipped THAT day! I've been waiting for over two months now and am absolutely pissed. Never EVER do business with NPO.

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